Open House Exhibition Claygate, Surrey 


The art was created between August - December 2020. The name of this exhibition was founded through the process of creating the paintings on paper. Dyes were mixed with oil (olive or rapeseed) then poured, dripped, flicked, dabbed, marked in various ways onto layers of thick cartridge paper. 

The pigments and oil soaked through the first layer, bleeding onto the papers behind. This created different shades, shapes, imprints all born from the first. The pieces are connected in pairs or triptych's and then individually re worked making each piece unique and sometimes very different from the first. 

The framed paintings are staged behind perspex open to UV rays from the sun. The oil on the paper magnifies the suns rays slowly fading and changing the art over time. Ephemeral in nature, transforming from stronger to lighter colours. The art is supposed to change just like us, moving through time and space. A symbolic gesture highlighting nothing stays the same and over time refinement is found, elegance is seen and a whisper is heard connecting ones self to the heavens above.

I hope the works inspire you to rejoice in Sa (beginning), Ta (existence), Na (Transformation), Ma (Re birth). 

Please get in touch for a private view.