Gemma is an Artist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Sound Bath Practitioner & Massage Therapist.


She is a highly trained massage and remedial therapist. Where she uses medical acupuncture to treat muscular skeletal issues, light touch and aromatherapy for healing the nervous system and deep tissue techniques such as Ashiatsu for muscle and fascia release applied via her feet, vibration and bamboo.


She is passionate about de-stressing and relaxing the body. She enjoys shaking, free dancing and exploration of movement to help dissolve tension, stress and anxiety. Kundalini works particularly well for issues such as fatigue and depression. The mantras and breath techniques help strengthen the nervous system and therefore our immunity, they are fantastic techniques for training and leading the mind, body and soul into unity. 


In her Hatha classes long deep breathing is emphasised to reduce anxiety and stress whilst maintaining focus on building core strength and conditioning the muscles and ligaments. Balancing is also key in focusing the mind and coming into the body inducing a calm sensation in the body, mind and soul.


Her classes are small and personal, she is keen to get to know you and tailor postures when needed. Her mantras that remain close to her heart are ‘Peace comes piece by piece’, ‘Listen to the call of your spirit’ and 'Courage always’.


She loves walking in nature, chanting and dancing, also learning the harmonium. She loves painting and working with clay, at the moment she is working with oil and dye on paper using mark making techniques to create abstract landscapes.


She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with new plant based recipes aimed at reducing inflammation in the body. She studies yogic philosophy and has weekly chats with her Sangat and teacher which provide her with mentoring, new context on situations and perspectives in life. 


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