Hello, I’m Simran Kaur, I’m a body therapist, yoga teacher & artist.

My mission is to help reduce peoples pain, discomfort, stress, depression & anxiety. Through healing treatments, empowering physical movements, liberating our many bodies through breath, mantra, art and meditation. With the potential to be free from inflammation & dis-ease, establishing a harmonious balance of mind, body and soul. 

My clients range from people suffering from physical injuries, sports people for muscle/joint conditioning, sore shoulders/neck/back, tension from the demand of daily life, students feeling pressured and overwhelmed, stress from work/family life, heart ache from a separation, divorce or loved one passing, depression, lack of motivation, stuck feelings and lack of energy. People recovering from illness, maintenance of wellbeing and most of the population who need healing, nourishing, restoring the self at a deep level.