Continuity aids your path to well being.

The best gift you can give to yourself and others is a monthly budget to help you and your well being. Doing something once or occasionally rarely reaches the deeper layers of change.

Why is continuity of body treatments/yoga/meditation important for your well being?

A relationship is developed over time between the client and therapist/teacher which helps in communication, trust, understanding and guidance. As the therapist gets to know the clients body and mind it makes it easier to suggest personal adjustments and create bespoke plans/treatments.

Regular clients develop a relationship with their body, an awareness is developed which comes in handy when reading signs and symptoms then knowing how best to help before bigger issues occur.

A familiar environment and routine helps people feel safe and secure thus facilitating the healing process more effectively. A momentum helps build knowledge, leanings and better habits. Each class or session gets easier and more comfortable if it's weekly or fortnightly. This is when progress is made! Bodies become more pliable to influence, making structural changes within the body, physically, emotionally and energetically.

A commitment to regular treatments, physical and mental practices enhances not only yourself but others around you.

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