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What is Kundalini yoga?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

It is the yoga of awareness. Awareness of your thoughts, habits, addictions, how you breath, your speech, awareness who you are and how you conduct yourself in life.

What is a typical kundalini class?

A combination of Mantras, Repetitive Postures and Breathing Techniques are used to awaken the energy within.

What are the benefits of kundalini yoga?

Strengthens the nervous system

Regulates hormones

Increases energy and vitality

Builds mental and physical strength

Increases flexibility and stamina

Aids circulation and blood flow

Expands lung capacity

Develops strong core

Alleviates stress Changes negative thought patterns

Develops the neural mind

Can anyone take part in a kundalini yoga class?

Kundalini yoga is open to everyone at every level. If you are unable to do the full posture or sequence you are welcome to lie down and visualise the exercise to benefit from the healing energy and sound. It is suitable for people who would like to sit on a chair or stool as most postures can be achieved or adapted this way.

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