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Why are Sound Baths good for you?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Meditation can be hard, we all know its good for us but to slow the chattering thoughts down during silence can be a tricky thing, especially if we have busy lives. Sound baths or sound meditations can really help us to focus our minds on the sound waves and sound vibrations. You may still have a wondering mind during the sound bath but the sounds will be a helpful tool to connect with your true self.

Sound can affect our body and shift brain hemisphere dominance through brainwave pattern synchronization. The majority of us are usually one side of our brain dominant. To be well balanced its good to develop both sides equally so we can become a calm, logical, intuitive, a person able to problem solve with creativity and happiness.

An example of disproportionate brain activity would be someone who has anxiety, someone who worries excessively. Balancing the brain with the sound waves can help reduce a persons anxiety, literally by expanding their mind.

Sound can generate profound changes in your brain and nervous system (parasympathetic and sympathetic).

Sound can affect our vagal activity therefore improves our gut health (our second brain)! The sound vibrations massage and interact with our cells which can help facilitate better communication amidst mitochondria (the energy within each cell). This helps to strengthen our immune system and promotes better sleep.

What happens in a Sound Bath?

Getting warm and comfortable is key, wear warm comfy clothes. You are welcome to listen to the sound either sitting, laying on your backs or fronts, basically finding a comfortable position to absorb the sound waves. If you need to move at any time during the session that is absolutely fine but try and make your transition quiet and without knocking or touching anyone else.

Meditation instruments are played from Gongs, Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes and other instruments. A few minutes in the session the gongs can sound almost like a thunder storm, they are played skillfully and at a certain dynamic can generate negative ions, which are known to totally rejuvenate the body.

It can be an intense experience and bring to the surface some old traumas and forgotten memories to the surface. Emotions may come up, releasing these emotions is important. It can make you cry for no reason at all. The thing to remember is keeping emotions trapped inside only causing dis-ease and since this is a healing modality the intention is to release and heal. The teachers/healers hold an environment that is safe, caring and transformative.

After the Sound Bath tea is poured and a supportive chat is welcome. Talking helps ground, connect communally and creates a collective awareness.

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