• Gemma

Yoga & A Magical Gong Bath

13th October 2019 5pm

2.5 hours £25

We start with one hour of healing Kundalini yoga. The second hour is an amazing and transformation Gong Bath. My friend and Gong Master is making a guest appearance to play her beautiful gongs in a one off intimate event of 6 clients. A gong bath (meditation) also known as a Sound Bath or a Sound Massage is a fully clothed, relaxing and blissful experience where you bathe in the healing sound waves, No Baths involved! and no clothes removed. You simply lie down on mats, wrap yourself in a blanket and your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax. The Gong helps calm the mind and body and assists in management of pain. The sound of the gong cuts through mental chatter and quickly creates a meditative state and deep relaxation. After the Gong i will show you how to give yourself a decadent self love foot massage. Book your space via the Workshop tab on the home page asap to avoid disappointment. Gemma and Prakashjot Kaur look forward to seeing you there!


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