Online Midday Kundalini Yoga Classes


60mins energy boosting yoga sessions £8 per class 


Monday 12 

Nahbi Kriya and The 4 u’s for you

Nabhi refers to the nerve plexus around the navel point. These exercises get the abdominal areas in shape quickly and activates the power of the third chakra, strengthening our will, power, identity, purpose and self-worth. We start with leg raises and forward bends to strengthen the core. 


Wednesday 12 

Withstand the pressure of time Kriya

A powerful and energetic set, a tune up for the nervous system. If your nerves are not tuned up you will not be able to withstand the pressure of the time. We start with free style dancing and shaking to detox the body and free the mind. 


Friday 12

Kriya for the lymph glands; the guardians of health 

A power set of cardio vascular exercises aimed specifically to keep your lymphatic system healthy. We start with powerful breath and arm movements to work the lungs and heart.


These classes are designed for you to go as fast or slow as you like and rest when ever you need to. Kundalini yoga is also known as a holistic therapy, it is referred to as the yoga of awareness and as Kundalini means energy the sets of exercises help strengthen our energy, clearing emotional/sub conscious blockages helping us reach good health and a strong sense of self. 


You need a yoga mat, comfy clothes, a computer and speaker. Email me to book and bank transfer before the class. I will then text you the Zoom login details.

Private Sessions are available too:
Yoga, Mantra, Meditation
 £35 via Zoom
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